Thursday, July 09, 2009

Such a Pretty Mess...

I think I'm gonna be completely vain for a while. I've been focusing so much on the cerebral that I think I've all but completely ignored the shallow and vain. My skin has gone to shit, I've gained weight and my style, well, it's a bit dated. I'm gonna paint my nails, slather my body in lotion, wear face masks that de-clog my pores, work out five days a week, eat healthy, get my hair cut every three months, floss daily, remove the hair from my body, spray tan, and gloss everything that can be glossed.

Yes, I'm still a feminist. I'm just bored. I have nothing to do! Once September starts I'm going back to the halls of academia again, but for the next few months color me shallow because I'm gonna shine! Literally, I'm gonna reflect the light from all the gloss...

Most likely I'll end up remember why I quit all that high-maintenance crap in the first place and return to my low-key self...

To get us all in the mood for vanity here's some Vanity!


Blogger Steve G said...

I could have sworn I've read this post before :P Just kidding, good luck. You'll be in bikini-shape by fall! Doh!

7:49 AM  
Blogger Debbye said...

It's not about improving myself, like there's a deficit and I need to fill or fix it. Rather I was depressed for so long that I mainly focused on the internal at the expense of the external. All those nights of soul searching to overcome my unhappiness doesn’t leave much time for skincare.

Well, I now find that I like myself again, I'm happy, accomplishing things that are important to me...basically I'm okay, doing well. Now, I can focus on my external hotness. There was a period of time where I took care of myself physically and liked the way I looked. I want to return to some of that. :)

I know, it's still a bit too thought out, but what else would you expect from me?

3:27 PM  

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