Monday, April 30, 2007

To Observe...

I was behind a car that had a bumper sticker that said, "I'd rather be at a Madonna Concert". Don't we all, I say, don't we all...

I get sad when I'm funny and/or witty and no one notices. I cry the tears of a clown.

When I watch movies like Nowhere I realize that my brief stint with Christianity kept me from rightfully fulfulling my role as angst ridden fatalist. That will always fill me with resentment.

True Hollywood Story is a fucking awesome show. Right now it's the Phil Hartman episode and it's sad. But fucking awesome.

It's Monday, but feels like a Tuesday.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

How well do you know me?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

California is super cool to the homeless!

Did y'all see South Park last week? It had everything I loved from a tribute to zombie movies to ganster rap! Here's a YouTube link to my favorite scene, because I've posted way too many videos...

Okay, that is it! A blog about South Park? WTF? What has happened to me? I feel like I'm giving all my brain power to other areas of my life and when I come to writing my blog there's just nothing left. Hence all the videos. I come up with great ideas for posts when I'm in class or at Henry's Market, but when I go to write all I can think of is throwing a bunch of pop culture videos to distract you from the fact that I'm drawing a blank.

I know that certain people read my blog and would cater to them, but I'm not really interested in doing that any more. So, now I'm not sure what I want to say. I'm having an identity crisis I guess. Until I come up with some theme (it's about time since I've been writing this damn thing for over two years.) I want to incorporate my personal life without being so personal. I want it to be funny and express who I really am.

I read in my psychology book that low self-esteem might be a result of not getting to know yourself very well. It's like how can you like someone and speak well of her if you don't know her at all? It makes sense to me. I'm always trying to know more about myself because it gives me a degree of comfort.

Like now I'm challenging my attitude towards men and relationship. I've always picked assholes disguised as men who only wanted part of me which left me feeling worthless. Now, it's not my fault these guys are emotional cripples, but I'm the one hanging around begging them to do something they're never planning on doing. So, I'm not going to do that anymore. I'm with a guy who is kind and patient. He's willing to wait for me to figure things out because he thinks I'm worth it. And he likes me. Alot.

I'm so used to my old pattern that I almost didn't give this guy a chance. You mean I don't have to convince this guy to want me leaving him with feelings of entitlement to where he's in charge of everything? Leaving me waiting, wanting and doing things I don't want to do just to keep this jerk in my life? Leaving me pissed off and feeling guilty? And when he finally picks another girl, they always pick other girls, I'm left with a brokenheart and wondering why I allowed him hurt me this much. These guys aren't bad people, I know that, but they're just too scared to be honest with me. And I'm really good in bed, so there's that too.

Now I'm giving something healthy, functional and equal a chance. So, we'll see how this goes. Okay, I've let it out. I feel better.

And that episode of South Park was kick ass. Go to the link

Thursday, April 19, 2007


These last few weeks have kicked my ass. From nappy headed ho's to shootings in Virgina to recent Supreme Court decisions to personal losses to going back to school; I just feel tired. So here's some video's that will speak for my state of mind until I have the energy to comment on these issues and my own life.

The bunnies are there because they're cute and made me giggle. (Especially the floppy eared-big footed one.)

I am...I said - Neil Diamond BBC Concert

Wig in a Box - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hippity Hoppity

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekly Round-Up!

Hey all!

Had my first quiz in psych and got a B. Damnit. I wanted an A. Damnit.

I will never wear Croc shoes. There is no reason for me to be that ugly no matter how comfy they are. Nope, my mind is made up.

I've not eaten meat for two weeks and never felt better. Even had a debate with Ryan about vegetarianism the other night at dinner. He agreed with my points, but that may be because he wants to sleep with me. Boys are silly that way.

Yes, there is a boy in my life. It's nice, but new. Cross your fingers.

Henry's is my new favorite store. They got everything my little bohemian heart desires! Even Pink Lady apples! My most favorite apple of all time.

My dad came home from Missouri last week and is currently guilt-tripping himself into another trip back.

My mom is blog hopping her life away.

My sister and brother-in-law are trying to have a baby.

That is all for now. Good day.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Once I was fired for asking time off for my sister's wedding and this guy still has a job?

V. lame...

Nuff Said


Found at PostSecret.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Fiona Apple Friday!

It's a treat for y'all!

I love Fiona Apple. Fiona Apple is a great songwriter and plays the hell outta a piano. I love the stuff and hope you enjoy. Hell, just give it a shot...

Here are a few of my favorite songs off Extraordinary Machine:

The first video, Oh Well , is about dysfunctional love. It's about loving someone who doesn't love you back. It's about giving and not getting any back. It's about my love life, basically. (Waah!) Favorite Lyric: "I was feeding on the need for you to know me/Devastated at the rate you fell below me/What wasted unconditional love/On somebody who doesn't believe in the stuff/Oh, well."

The second video ,Not About Love, has the very funny Zach Galifianakis ( from Comedians of Comedy) lip-syncing his heart out. I love goofy guys with big bellies and even bigger beards. The song is great as well. Favorite Lyric: "This is not about love/'Cause I am not in love/In fact I can't stop falling out/I miss that stupid ache". Tell me about it, Sister.

The third video, Extraordinary Machine , is from the Today show; so don't let Matt Lauer confuse you too much. I like this song because it's about how other people may think you need help, but really you're okay. In fact, you're extraordinary if only in your own mind. Favorite Lyric: "I seem to you to seek a new disaster every day/You deem me due to clean my view and be at piece and lay/I mean to prove I mean to move in my own way, and say,/I've been getting along for long before you came into the play"

Hey, it's my blog...I'll post what I like.

Oh Well

Not About Love

Extraordinary Machine

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No Zombies, but it still looks good...

Wanna see it! Wanna see it!

I'm sick of hearing...

...That feminism is dead.

...That I should smile when I don't wanna.

...There is no way I'm thirty, because I don't look that old.

...Or that your mother is three years older than me, eighteen year old boy.

...That I should get over it. (I'm going to be mad until I'm not.)

...That it's my fault you're an asshole. (But thanks for attributing me the power to control your actions. I wish...)

...That my soulmate is waiting for me. What if I were late and he left?